Dama Quinceanera Dresses! Choose youre perfect one!

Hi, my dear readers! Today, I'll talk to you again about the evening dresses! Because i really love evening dresses and i want to show you some of them. Of course, with me today will be sweetquinceaneradress. If you are looking something beautiful, you should check this amazing online-store! I will show you dresses, whic i love the most! So, Let's start, ladies!

A great option for the grand exit - short dress with a train. This spicy blend of specially created to emphasize the shapely legs.
Flex can be detachable, in which case it can be disconnected at the right time. Also widespread single cut parts included in the monolithic design of the dress.

The permissible variation of the length from the minimum "on the floor" and up to the maximum - up to a meter or more. Flex can be made from the same fabric as the dress, and may differ crisper materials - such as chiffon or lace.
Such a "tail" is decorated with embroidery, sequins, decorated with drapes, flounces and frills.
Moreover, this dress - the perfect solution for the evening, if for any reason the dress "on the floor" you do not like, and does not allow short dress code. In this case, do not miss the sight of a few rules.

More attention to shoes if your feet on mind, then you need to carefully choose befitting the occasion shoes or sandals.
The most ideal Heel - "stud." Versatility and different gold or silver color shoes: fits practically everything. As, however, and beige, if you are against the shiny shoes or sandals.
Toward a new dress is best first to get used to at home, wearing it with a selected auspicious occasion shoes. It is important that the sharp heels do not catch on the long edge of the dress. Paying rehearsals even 10 minutes, you will understand much and, if necessary, something podkorrektiruete.

Classic elegant short dresses for the evening - a toilet with lush skirts. They appeared in the era of the "New Look", declared Christian Dior. Couturier, I believe that women should be like flowers. Yes, the full skirt of this dress, which, ideally, it takes up to 4-6 meters of fabric, indeed, resembles the calyx.
 Narrow waist, sometimes laced into a corset neckline and a riot of fabric at the bottom - the image is full of femininity and charm. Curvy dresses can be any brighter.

8 ways to achieve the volume of the skirt:
Cut - "Sun", "polusolntse" or "year".
Petticoat under the top with thick ruffles at the bottom.
Non-standard bulk materials.

Fashion trend "fishtail" proved to be, of course, primarily in evening dresses. This alternative proposal length, "mini" blends in "Max" was appreciated by those who understand style and feminine beauty. In fact, a long skirt silhouette copies coquettishly matched front. That, if successful form legs, looks not only juicy, but also charming. Convenience and brevity forms an overall elegant form, fabric cascades (no accident that the skirt is sometimes called cascade) and protect the back of the legs - all have claimed that season.

Lilac - one of the most versatile colors. It is present range from delicate lavender and lilac to deep purple, almost purple hues. It is noteworthy that this color is suitable for women with any type of physical appearance and attire because what shade to choose - it's up to you.
Features purple dress
Lilac evening dress - article of clothing out of fashion, is filled with the image of romance and aristocracy at the same time. Made of precious silk, it will be poured in different shades and thus there will not let you go unnoticed. Evening dress lilac color will look great with:
For owners of slender forms the best option would be a model with a distinct waist. It should be strictly in its place, and the length of the gown may be up to or above the knees. For such a cut is better to choose fabric dark rich colors: dark blue, black, wine. As for material, conventionally used silk or satin.

Fans of TV showa, for sure, know the American television saga Mad Man, which tells about the era of the 60s. Having gained an enviable popularity, the show has an impact on the fashion-industry.
Fashion 60s returned to the podium, proving its right to exist. As jewelry designers use ruffles, drapes, bows, satin ribbons, sequins, beads, precious stones, etc. Long dresses models are mainly found only in the wedding collections. At that time, as soon as the model would be appropriate for the prom, or just as a "dress for the occasion." Can be recommended as a dress as a bridesmaid dress for.

Red never goes out of style - it is a choice of self-confident, fashion-conscious and appreciate their own individuality girls. Fashion on the color will not change myself never, but the nuances of style, which show fashion red dresses-2015 should be adopted. This color is not in vain considered to be one of the most difficult. "I'm not going!" - Many believe, and profoundly mistaken as shades of red, there is no less than thirty. From coral to burgundy - your shade can find each. It is only important to understand the combinations and the latest trends 
Red dress will inevitably be the soloist in the image, in any case, do not drown, but only to emphasize the importance of color to help fashion and bold combinations. Flawlessly with any hints of this complex color blends white - the deeper the tone of red, the purer and absolutely should be the color of things companion. Dark green and blue? - Yes they are. Image turned out to harmonious and stylish, choose a controversial one color tone and depth .

The golden color symbolizes luxury and mystery is perfect for creating evening gowns.

So, the main rule when choosing a gold dress - do not overdo it with the details. Gold color itself will attract attention.

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