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Prom - an opportunity for every girl to express yourself. The image must be flawless and elegant, but at the same time emphasize the youth of the young lady and her good taste. Best assistants in this will be a short curvy dress to the prom. Made in the style of the '60s, it will attract the attention of the owner and present a new, elegant light.
The most popular dress to the prom:
Baby dollars - overestimated waist and full skirt;
bottoms - focus on multilayer lush skirt;
dress with corset - pull the top, fluffy skirt.
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It should be remembered that the abundance of ornaments on the dress will definitely make it a festive and pompous, but the queen of the ball should be just you and therefore should choose an outfit that will emphasize your individuality and features of the figure. Beautiful short dresses to prom suit girls with shapely legs. This dress requires long legs, but do not despair if you can not boast of such. In this case, the aid will come with high heels shoes. And here it is also important saktsentirovat attention to the fact that girls with "heavy" shins, it is more appropriate stud, otherwise the risk to visually add fullness feet, but if you are the owner of legs with beautiful shape, choose, relying solely on your taste. More dresses for youre perfect prom you will find on http://www.ericdress.com/list/cheap-prom-dresses-4354/ !
Graduation short dresses with corset will surely hit. Wearing it, you will say "yes" feminine, mysterious and very sexy image. With wide hips but narrow waist, you can choose any length corset, but it is important to remember one little rule. If corset long, thigh, the skirt must be chosen minimally lush, if short to the waist - skirt tutu is perfect.

Today more than ever become relevant dresses of chiffon and silk and chiffon. After all, they are attractive, feminine, perfectly able to enhance the beauty of the female figure. 
They are thin and light. Hide flaws and emphasize the dignity of the figure. Gently drape. Special care is not needed. Of chiffon material obtained weightless beautiful dresses, perfectly highlighting the silhouette of a female figure. Gained a lot of popularity and elegant evening dresses chiffon. As a rule, these dresses are made on the basis of silk. Chiffon allows designers and fashion designers to create sexy cocktail, evening, wedding and elegant outfits. Check out more dresses for special occasions http://www.ericdress.com/list/cheap-special-occasion-dresses-4349/!

Designers fashion brands are constantly in their collections include elegant chiffon dresses of varying lengths. Gained particular popularity evening dresses of this material with flowing skirts romantic and beautiful neck. These models can transmit both laconic silhouette and characterized more extravagant options, decorated with embroidery, sequins, beads, the finest lace, frills variety.

The golden color symbolizes luxury and mystery is perfect for creating evening gowns. However, it should approach the selection of this along with extreme caution, because too bright and ornate trim dress will turn you into a sample of bad taste. So before you go to the store or studio for the golden dress, read our tips. So, the main rule when choosing a gold dress, which was mentioned earlier - do not overdo it with the details. Gold color itself will attract attention. Your task is only to present the figure in a favorable light. I love most of all this 2 golden dresses. They will be perfect for prom or any special occasions! 

All we know that every girl dream about pink dress for her "sweet 16" party! So, dears! Perfect pink dress you can find here - http://www.ericdress.com/list/cheap-prom-dresses-4354/!
And remeber you should follow some rules! Dress shoes outlet under desirable to select not only the same color, but of the same texture.
Jewellery should be by small stones in them - transparent.
When choosing makeup, note that too much pink in color - this is overkill. Therefore, it is better to choose a blush peach, and lipstick to choose muted warm colors.
Selecting a handbag opens a lot of opportunities. Stylists say that will not be a mistake to focus on the accessory gray or silver, by the way, in the same tone can be and shoes


Find "youre" amazing evening dress is not so simple. And if this dress is large, the search can be even harder. Do not get discouraged! There are many options available off clothes for you, which will emphasize the dignity of the body and create a unique look. All amazing plus size dresses you can here - http://www.ericdress.com/list/cheap-special-occasion-dresses-4349/

Brilliant, bright and glamorous - a dress with sequins, have appeared in the last century, immediately attracted the attention of fashionistas who love to go out. So, today elegant wardrobe includes virtually every young lady such a solution for the evening outfit.

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