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Wedding - is the most beautiful and important day in the life of not only the bride and groom, but also their friends and girlfriends. If male friends all is clear, the role of bridesmaid at the wedding responsible enough. She needs to keep the bride and take part in organizational moments, and besides next to the bride look harmonious and beautiful. Now many people do weddings in the same style and dresses for bridesmaids also chosen as a supplement and continuation of the bride wedding dress.
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If the wedding celebration falls on the afternoon, the bridesmaid dress can safely put on the floor of the flowing fabric. If this is the morning period, then the best option would be a short cocktail dress. They may be the classic version and retro style, by the way, once again current. Given such a huge variety of patterns and colors, any bridesmaid to pick up her dress, perfectly in keeping with the dress of the bride.

Of course, the dress should be selected according to the characteristics of the figures to hide flaws and highlight the merits. Most often, such celebration dress dresses A-shaped silhouette, also in the Empire style, with a high waist. Fashion this season are considered dress-case, because they are well emphasize the shape, look restrained and solemn at the same time. Also in demand models with detachable waist and flared skirt. Very attractive and elegant look beautiful dresses for the bridesmaids with an open back, the main thing that it was in moderation. The same applies to neckline. I am sure that you will look perfect in pink dress. Thanks Weddingshe we can choose Bridesmaid dresses under 100!

Of course there should be discussed with the hero of the occasion. Most often, the colors chosen cronies - is restrained pastel, but there are also bright blue, purple, olive, yellow and purple. Red dress for bridesmaid dress is not desirable, since it will outshine the bride. Is it - is very bright girl, or she has elements of the same color in the dress. There are so much UNIQUE BRIDESMAID DRESSES on Weddingshe!

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