"Once upon a time..." Be like a Cinderella with Sherrylondon!

  "Once upon a time... there lived an unhappy young girl. Unhappy she was, for her mother was dead, her father had married another woman, a widow with two daughters, and her stepmother didn't like her one little bit. All the nice things, kind thoughts and loving touches were for her own daughters. And not just the kind thoughts and love, but also dresses, shoes, shawls, delicious food, comfy beds, as well as every home comfort. All this was laid on for her daughters. But, for the poor unhappy girl, there was nothing at all. No dresses, only her stepsisters' hand-me-downs. No lovely dishes, nothing but scraps. No nice rests and comfort. For she had to work hard all day, and only when evening came was she allowed to sit for a while by the fire, near the cinders. That is how she got her nickname, for everybody called her Cinderella."

Have you already seen this incredibly beautiful film "Cinderella"?

Disney Cinderella has become a real source of inspiration for designers all over the world. Immediately nine legendary shoe brands have offered their own versions on the theme of the famous glass slipper. These, incidentally, became a favorite brand of Carrie Bradshaw Jimmy Choo.
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Outfits truly fabulous! Judge for yourself: to dress the fairy light, he had sewn 400 LEDs! And to create a Cinderella ball gown 500 hours worked 18 tailors. It took them 240 meters of fabric and 10 thousand. Crystals Swarovski. The fluffy skirt is sewn from dozens of thin layers of silk, polyester and nylon 10 shades of blue and blue.
"I wanted to make an outfit so huge that in the scene at the ball Cinderella looked as if it is floating on the waves of their own dresses," - says Sandy Powell, one of the most famous Hollywood costume designers who worked with Derek Dzharmenom and Martin Scorsese, 7 times nominated for "Oscar" award three times and this award.

After such a beautiful film, every girl wants to look as fabulous as Cinderella! Am i right?
What could be more touching and exciting than the prom? Every girl on this day especially want to look irresistible in front of their classmates and friends, teachers and parents. School ends - it's time to enter into a new, adult life. Entrance examinations are still far ahead, and while the young graduates are busy choosing the right dress to the prom.
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Miniature shoes fabulous - a mandatory attribute of any fairy tale Cinderella. In Egypt, it was the golden sandals, the Italian fairy tale - silver shoes in Danish - silk slippers, and only thought of Charles Perrault, shoes that are made of crystal. To a fairy tale it was truly an artist film Sandy Powell used the crystals Swarovski, created based on the shoes of the XIX century, seen it in the museum of the English Northampton, five-inch-shoes studs. But, unlike her character, Lily, James is not only able to dance in the glass slipper at the ball, but even wear them: "It is ridiculous to admit it, but they were small to me! When I first saw them, just froze with delight. Shoes were really made of crystal! "
So that the screen Cinderella dancing in the glass slippers - achievement masters of special effects. Here the place to recall that, when in 1947 the USSR was filmed fairy tale "Cinderella" shoes for the performer starring Janina Jaime (who had "zolushkin" 31st foot size) were made of Plexiglas. They also could neither dance nor walk, but the actress they were just right, and a couple of times Janina Jaime can see them in the picture.

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Cinderella had a wonderful time at the ball... But, all of a sudden, she heard the sound of a clock: the first stroke of midnight! She remembered what the fairy had said, and without a word of goodbye she slipped from the Prince's arms and ran down the steps. As she ran she lost one of her slippers, but not for a moment did she dream of stopping to pick it up! If the last stroke of midnight were to sound... oh... what a disaster that would be! Out she fled and vanished into the night.

The Prince, who was now madly in love with her, picked up her slipper and said to his ministers,

"Go and search everywhere for the girl whose foot this slipper fits. I will never be content until I find her!" So the ministers tried the slipper on the foot of all the girls... and on Cinderella's foot as well... Surprise! The slipper fitted perfectly.

"That awful untidy girl simply cannot have been at the ball," snapped the stepmother. "Tell the Prince he ought to marry one of my two daughters! Can't you see how ugly Cinderella is! Can't you see?"

Suddenly she broke off, for the fairy had appeared.

"That's enough!" she exclaimed, raising her magic wand. In a flash, Cinderella appeared in a splendid dress,shining with youth and beauty. Her stepmother and stepsisters gaped at her in amazement, and the ministers said,

"Come with us, fair maiden! The Prince awaits to present you with his engagement ring!" So Cinderella joyfully went with them, and lived happily ever after with her Prince. And as for the cat, he just said "Miaow"!