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Hello my dear readers! Today I want to talk to you about the most beautiful event in the life of any girl. You guessed what will be discussed? That's right, we will speak specifically about the wedding bridal fashion does not stand still. Fantasy and ideas of designers are so diverse that even the most captious critic can find a model for everyone.

And you have thought about what would be important in the new wedding season? I propose to look at the models of wedding dresses 2015 collection look, suddenly you possess fashion intuition and your assumptions come true.

So, let's start!
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Minimalism. Skirts, the models "Princess", double Petticoats - all this in the past. Elegance, femininity, mannerisms are the main components of minimalist styles. They are suitable for bold brides who are not afraid to show everyone her figure.
I really enjoyed this gorgeous white dress. This is the perfect dress for the wedding.
Pearls. Style "Gatsby" Deco does not hand over their positions, and without the use of a pearl wedding picture will not be complete. Strings of pearls may fall "thin streams" or be massive and impressive in size - in any case, this element is worthy decorate the wedding dress.
Colored dresses. The white cool shades sit position for several years. Last season in the trend were the color of ivory, milk, mocha, etc. However, the upcoming collection will appreciate the choice of multi-colored palette. And how intensely bright (sangria, royal blue) and gentle in pastel colors (mint, warm yellow, pink mist, blue, pastel blue) .This is important not only colors for wedding dresses, and wedding color palette as a whole.
Model Crop-Top. As casual, and the wedding style this innovation has not passed round. Cropped tops combined with maxi skirts create an image of a truly audacious and unpredictable. Wedding dresses of this style perfectly suited to young girls, who are looking for a reflection of his personality in a wedding dress.
The crystals. Luxury addition bride. In the coming season shimmering rhinestones adorn the generous scattering of wedding dress. Undoubtedly, their presence will make the image of a solemn and rich.
Flowing light styles. Overweight tissue in the form of an atlas out of the future trends of the season. For a sense of lightness and ease advised to choose flowing, delicate fabrics. Dresses of this kind is certainly suitable for both young, petite brides and ladies with elegant figure.
Models with ruffles. These elements are usually sewn from fine fabrics such as organza, tulle or silk. Dress with Ruffle takes the form of a mouth-watering, or marshmallow souffle, and groom it looks soaring. Ruched may be located on the skirt and bodice in the area and will certainly create a striking accent.
As for the cut line on the chest, it is possible to identify three current trends: Off-the-shoulder, crew neck and, of course, the neckline. The choice depends on the figure, the neck and pronounced shoulder line, an attractive bust. Cut-out - this fragment the dress through which can be stressed petite. But it is necessary to be determined with sufficient caution. Because if you have a silhouette of an inverted triangle, the style of off-the-shoulder definitely should get out of the list, because all the focus will be on the part of the body, which it is desirable to hide. This is my favorite one dress.

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