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Hello, my dear readers! Today I will reveal to you a wonderful shop! You can find here all amazing clothing on the cheap! I really think that you will like this online-store, so you can go to tidestore, and you will see all youreself! I love to find new shops, because i always need something new in my  wardrobe, I think you will too!

So, girls! Do you need a perfect dress for youre evening? I always think that black dress is a good and right choice! Black dresses for secular outlets has been and remains popular. The fact that the selection of accessories to color dress quite time-consuming task that is very easy to look tasteless, awkwardly combines color. Watch more party dresses here http://www.tidestore.com/Wholesale-Party-Dresses-104300/!

With a black dress is much easier, it is combined with:
black, silver or gold-colored clutch, black shoes, jewelery with diamonds (or other white stones), black or white pearls, as well as articles of precious metals without stones.
You will find all things also in tidestore  , you will find perfect bags, shoes, jewerly!

Now i want to show you my favorite -  skirt of lace! More skirts here - http://www.tidestore.com/Wholesale-Skirts-100036/! The skirt of lace - an ode to femininity, which was relevant at all times. But recently, the designers decided to involve more attention, and at the shows we saw an interesting mix of lace skirt with a seemingly incongruous things.
In our usual understanding of lace skirt - a lightweight fabric with an openwork pattern, and in most cases it is. The stores are most often found just such options, but we should not forget that the lace can be linked, and as a result, using different techniques and thanks to clever imagination and skill, obtained the extraordinary beauty of the skirt.

lace pencil skirt looks perfect in the performance of the Bruges lace, which simulates a non-breaking, one-piece design. A feature of the Bruges lace is a continuous tape-strip having a loose loop, which form a pattern. Black lace skirt in this design looks interesting, if supplemented with translucent black tights to lace pattern was more pronounced.

It is spring time, thats why we are all need a skirt with flowers print! Do you have one? if you are not go here http://www.tidestore.com/Wholesale-Skirts-100036/ and choice youre perfect one! By the way this classic style is in harmony with almost any top. Because no matter what color she will skirt, it can pick up and blouse and top. Pencil skirt bright blue color with the smell of good looks with a black sleeveless topom.
If your hips are quite a droplet, in your opinion, too wide, then it will help hide small flowers on the skirt.
Lacks smooth lines and rounded in your figure? Skirt with a high waist will round your hips and highlights the waist.
It would be desirable to have long legs? Please skirt above the knee visually lengthen your legs.
Your dignity is wonderful thighs, but the chest is not large. Then necessarily need to wear a skirt contrasting colors, such as dark background, bright colors, and vice versa. This print accurately prioritize in a favorable light for you.
The main and perhaps the only rule in the selection set with flowered skirt is one neprilozhnaya truth - never wear a skirt with a colorful top and shoes! Optimal plain things.
                                               And there are my favorite shoes!

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