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Hello my dear readers. Already come bright beautiful spring, which means it's time to show off your slender beautiful legs. It's time to choose the perfect shoes for your clothes! And today http://www.ericdress.com/ will help us on this!

Black sandals, as one of the possible options for summer shoes, suitable for different outfit thanks to a huge range of different models. Graceful classic black sandals with a heel allow every girl to feel fashionable and elegant at any event.
Summer in black sandals
Varieties of this category of footwear complies with the latest trends of the shoe industry is really a great variety:
black sandals wedges;
black sandals with heels;
black platform sandals;
black - white sandals;
black sandals with high heels.
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In everyday life, you can not always afford to go in a festive, evening shoes, as rapid rhythm of the city and the need to catch all require convenience. But, of course, want to see the silhouette was slim and attractive. Black sandals with wedge heels or platform will be an excellent alternative in resolving this issue. Thanks to the stable position of the foot in them not only comfortable, but also beautiful. Wedge platform and look great with skinny pants, light sarafans and short shorts.
As for the festive event, a hike to a restaurant or theater, a perfect complement image will be black evening sandals with heels that would be appropriate with any dress regardless of its color or style.
Classic combination of contrasting colors, reflected in sandals in black and white colors that subtly complement the image of having one of these tones.
Black high-heeled sandals will look great with a business style, fitting trouser suit or skirt. They can be made of matt lacquer or skin with a blunt nose or elongated. Go here and find youre perfect one -http://www.ericdress.com/list/cheap-sandals-101050/!

If you want to brightness. If you want to look original. If you want to attract the attention of men. Make sure you need ti buy a butterfly sandals. Of course, the dress should be modest. Let all the attention will be on your shoes!


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Brave girls will like yellow and orange colors of the clothes bright blue sandals to complete, especially - is the trend of the summer season, they will add to the image of irresistibility!

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And here is some perfect chunky shoes, girls! Do you like them? I do!

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Sandals with high heels give a special elegant beauty female legs. They are worn during the day, they are great for the youth party. Studs well with the ladies' room in classic style, wear them with long pants and short shorts. But high heel requires special care: the combination of it with very short or very revealing clothes can give to shape raid vulgarity. You will find more perfect chunky heels here - http://www.ericdress.com/list/cheap-chunky-sandals-101990/

So, princess go to http://www.ericdress.com/ and you will find more perfect shoes, dresses, bags and other amazing things!
Love you!