Hi, my dear readers! Today will be a speech about elegance, femininity and beauty! With us,  will be the same online-store, wich you can saw in my lastes posts. it's all because I'm in love with dresses on this site www.jecicadress.com!

Everyone of us have at least once a special evening, wich needs a formal dress. I have no time, so i go to shop and cannot find something perfect for me, thats why i love online-stores, i can find amazing formal dress for my special evening with no problem! 

By The way Fashion 2015 strongly recommends that all women of fashion to acquire long dresses. According to designers, fashion dress on the floor in 2015 to become the main element of your wardrobe. After all, long dresses allow you to create the image of a woman queen, goddess, giving it a majesty and charm. Dress to the floor 2015 - often wear for parties, receptions, and general publication. Therefore, of course, every fashion girl wonders wich one formal dress i should chose?
My favorite dresses are bright dresses to the floor! Like this one!
Maxi formal dresses caused quite a sensation in the fashion world. Many famous designers offer pick for prom dresses of flowing fabrics that surround the motion sexy legs. Also, it is fashionable to wear long dresses outlet of satin, silk and velvet. The models of these materials added showy neckline and asymmetrical hem. This season will be fashionable to emphasize the hips using rhinestones, lace or ruffles and shoulders while leaving open. And of course, for such a board, you must add accessories.

Every woman have enough reasons to wear a long dress . Therefore, fashionable dress to the floor 2015 - highlight in a woman's wardrobe, emphasizing the confidence owner of the irresistibility and sense of style. In a long dress to the floor in 2015 will hit every girl around her charm and seductiveness. 
You should know that formal black dress - a real hit of the season. For the grand exit choose dresses of velvet, jacquard silk. Lace, frills, feathers, fur inserts - are welcome.

Black dress is not just a subject of women's wardrobe, but also an indicator of the refined taste of its owner. This thing is flawless in any situation. If, going to an event, you are in doubt in the selected outfit, replace it with a black dress and admiring glances you provided. This simple dress miraculously transforms: the figure does slimmer and more, look mysterious, elegant image. Black dress have to be in the closet each of the fair sex. With it you can create an infinite number of images, the hallmark of which will be unmatched sense of style.

I really love curvy dresses! Curvy dresses all the time worried fantasy famous couturier. Fashion designers presented their collections in a variety of models of the original style with original decor.Commonly found in the lush dresses wedding collections. This year, such models of wedding dresses again at the peak of popularity. Dresses with corsets of expensive fabric, decorated with sequins, floral embroidery, stones and beads - the most fashionable trend in our 2015.

Curvy dresses occupied leading positions in the collections of dresses dedicated to the prom. Narrow waist, refined perfect fit, beautiful full skirt - are the basic strokes of fashionable dresses for prom. These models emphasize individual taste and unique style.

Every evening long dress is designed to emphasize the dignity of the graceful figure of the owner and the solemnity of the moment, thanks to expensive fabrics: silk and brocade, chiffon and organza, embroidery, fabrics, decorated with rhinestones.
But formal dress silhouette "Fish" stand out among all the styles that all models - always elegant and create a sense of the fragility of the female figure. Silhouette is built on the contrast-slim bodice bodice, hips tight encirclement, the most constricted bases dress to the knees, and a fluffy skirt.
No matter what the fabric chosen for the model evening dress silhouette "Fish": soft and ductile silk, smooth or corrugated surface, as on the model dress on the left, or dense fabric: jacquard taffeta or as models in the center and the right dress invariably emphasizes femininity.
Red evening gown always able to highlight its possessor a charming among the other guests of honor at the ceremony. The combination of simple, classic style and bright red colors look very gorgeous and irresistible. And the length of the dress "on the floor" will give your little person appropriate enigmatic and mysterious. Design dresses with long sleeves give intelligence and power. It is therefore not surprising that the evening red dress - like red dresses at all - firmly entrenched in the hearts and minds of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. And connoisseurs of style and color are an overwhelming number of people around the world. The most famous fashion designers fashion shows never passed without demonstration of feminine beauty and grace in the charming red evening dresses. Adopting the tradition of top designers in modern society without a red dress can not do on prom celebrations, walks on the yield and, of course, weddings.

Green - one of the most universal and self-sufficient. Evening dresses green not need a lot of accessories, and various shades of green allow you to pick the perfect outfit for every occasion and tsvetotipa appearance. 
Most fortunate women with autumn type of appearance. This owner green or brown eyes with dark or transparent-white skin. Hair color for "autumn" varies from bright red to dark copper shades. For these women, a dark green evening dress - the best option. Very good clothes will look olive shades or marsh.
Spring gentle tsvetotipu shows very light pastel shades. Cold winter suit dark green.
One of the favorite flowers of many women is beige. Dress in beige color is a perfect outfit in cases where you do not want to stand out or need stability and peace, as in feeling, and in the environment. Therefore, often beige dresses are beautiful business outfits that fit perfectly in the strict dress code companies. But, regardless of the value of the color beige dresses can be maddening for its beauty and uniqueness.
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