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Hello my dear readers! Who is ready to party? Because today we will talk about the short evening dresses! Amazing Online-store jecicadress will help me today. So girls, will you have a ceremony, party in the club, a romantic date in a restaurant? If it is so, you certainly need to look your best!
However, it needs to not only look fresh and rested, properly apply makeup, but also skillfully pick outfit. Why not wear a short evening dress? After it, every woman looks so feminine, sophisticated and sexy, especially if it is short prom dresses.
Perfect choise for a party in a club will be timeless classic - a short black dress! I am i love with this black dresses!

Little black dress is a kind of cocktail or evening dresses knee-length. It can be worn both in the office and on the celebration, adding various accessories. It is appropriate in almost any festive event and passes even the most rigid dress code. It may also help to gain in almost any situation. Past 50 years, this outfit does not go out of fashion.
Little black dress can give the image of elegance, sophistication and make you slimmer, more than any other element of the wardrobe. In addition, designers offer a huge choice of models, among which you'll find a black dress for yourself. These dresses can be fitting, lace, sleeves (or with only one sleeve), with drapery, pleating and ruffles on the bodice, with the insertion of a small transparent lace details and many other elements. The little black dress - it's a necessary part of the wardrobe of this woman who talks about her refined taste.
By the way open shoulders always give the image of elegance and sophistication, that why i love this dresses!

Every girl who watched Disney cartoon "Cinderella" wanted to be like cinderella in the evening blue dress. It is heavenly color wich still is associated with something very gentle, innocent and beautiful.
Blue dress to the prom for many years becoming the choice of graduates wanting to look like a real princess. Coming up with elaborate hairstyles, clothing beautiful ornaments, they shine, climbing on stage to receive high school diploma as real Hollywood stars on the red carpet. Evening dress blue suits all girls: it emphasizes the natural soft blue-eyed blonde, brown-eyed brunette elegance and individuality girls with red hair.

As you know, girl's best friend - it is diamonds. These stones are very expensive, and they should only choose a specialist. In addition, young girls better to prefer a good jewelry. What then remains? Wear a short prom dress with stones! Almost all designers unanimously proclaimed the new season 2015 - the season of stones and embroidery. Lace dress with a flesh-colored stones will be very relevant in the new season. This also applies to dresses with lace inserts or sleeves. If you want something more elegant and boldly wear black dress to the floor with embroidered bodice stones. As for color, the trendy colors of the new season will be purple, violet, blue, green, yellow and silver remain relevant and gold outfits.
Pink color represents not only bloom, tenderness, vulnerability, youth, innocence, purity and femininity, he also masterfully elevates mood, so the choice of this girl dress with any hair color looks logical and natural. Pink color, this selection of beautiful princesses! Pink color is always in fashion! Forget about that pink are only empty blonde, it is not. To feel confident in a pink dress and look brilliant, if you choose to take into account a number of factors have - especially the figure cut models shade of pink color (they do not count), your tsvetotip, age and even an occasion on which a fashionable evening dress will be wearing . And if all these details do not merge into one harmonious chord, the likelihood is high that the dress will serve its owner amazing service.
Perhaps it is due to the variety of colors, pink long been favorite designers, and recommendations of famous fashion designers in the question of how to choose a pink evening dress, are as follows:
Any shade of pink is successfully combined with chiffon, silk and satin, so the difficulty of choosing a material stop on these tissues;
If you have difficulty finding a suitable style, prefer the drop-down skirts, drapes, pleats and bows;
Even the most problematic shade of pink advantageous to look at the background of tanned skin, so a few solarium on the eve of the solemn event, where you are going to appear in a new dress, not hurt.
Be the most beautiful, charming and gentle in your chosen pink dress!
White short prom dress at all times and to this day is the undisputed representative of the classical style in fashion women's clothes. White evening dress looks very elegant, solemn and tasteful. Not surprisingly, the ranking of the most popular models, among other things, the white dress confidently take their rightful place in the top positions.

Become queen of the evening and concentrate on all the views are very easy - just wear a short  red prom dress. If evening long dress red girl can afford medium and high growth, the tiny ladies pay attention to the shorter model. Designers offer beautiful red dress of guipure and chiffon. Better if the outfit is monotonous, light and flying. Many designers offer luxury model red evening dress with all sorts of shiny ornaments and decorations. 
More Short Prom Dresses you will find here! Have a nice day, princess!